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     Hi, my name is Laksamana Indarto. I live in Solo, central Java. Indonesia.
We are working at snail collecting/hunter from nature. 85% Snail meat or escargot in the world come from Indonesia.
This season we cannot sell again, because lot of harvest.
Snail farmer collect from nature and our job to cook become snail meat. And our partner packed our snail meat to canned snail meat. And export, a lot of profit from snail exporter. Because we have minimum capital we cannot export our product.

What We Need & What You Get

We need help for raise capital to export our product. You can get shares from helping us

The Impact

We have 100 thousands snail hunter member for working at this job.
if we cannot sell our meat we will have unemployement about 100 thousands family

Production Cost
Snail raw material today (24 october 2016) cost 20 cent per kilogram
And cost US $2.2 per kg snail meat.
to make 1 kg snail meat we will need 6 kg of live snails.
to make 1 canned snail at 800 gram netto weight only need 490 gram of snail meat.

Price FOB exporter at port in Indonesia is $4
so, margin for 1 canned snails will be
Price FOB - snail 1/2kg- other cost =
$2.9-other cost=
From my calculation paper $0.7 profit each canned
for 1 shipment 20 feet container
usually buyer buy 1200 cartons. 
1 cartons contain 12 cans. So total 14400 cans
Profit each shipment = 14400 cans x $0.7 = $ 10080 

Other ways you can help
We do not see Luwes just as a brand, but mainly as a project of awareness towards sustainability in which we warmly welcome each Asian to be part of!
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