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Luwes Seafood is fishery agency company in Indonesia that export a wide range of frozen, chilled, live and canned seafood products to other countries in the world.

We work with numerous seafood producers in Indonesia and South East Asia countries and match the needs of the customers with the specification of suppliers.

Our primary market is United States of America, Europe, Asia and South Africa and we represent some companies that imports various kind of food products from Indonesia and Asia.

Canned Snail in brine at FOB Indonesia Main Port
12/28oz 12/200 gr/ 7.05 oz
6DZ, (72-80 ct/tin), 7-9 Gr 69.75 5.81 1 Dz 17.44
8 DZ, (96-108 ct/tin), 5-7 Gr 66.75 5.56 1.5 Dz 16.68
10 DZ, (120-130 ct/tin),4-6 62.75 5.23 2 Dz 15.68
3-5 Gr 3 Dz (36) 14.68
Delivery time: June 2016 
Shipment: Prompt – subject available of label and carton
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